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Realign-Netball Hot Spot Innersole

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Product Description:


Realign's Netball Hot Spot Innersole is specifically designed by Podiatrists to cater for the rigorous demands placed on the foot and lower limbs whilst playing Netball.


  • The unique design helps wick away moisture, reduce friction and provides the wearer with the ultimate in shock absorption and support
  • Mild arch profile for the Neutral foot type
  • Gel strike zone in heel and pressure zone in forefoot for cushioning
  • Bio-degradable T-Sprene polyurethane
  • Auto-mould arch contour for weight bearing customization
  • Poly foam inner layer for additional cushioning and plantar pressure relief
  • Full-foot PK mesh top fabric for comfort and plantar heat reduction
  • Fast dry moisture management with anti-microbial properties

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