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Skins A400 Women's Long Tights - Black/Gold

Skins A400 Women's Long Tights - Black/Gold

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Style Code: ZB99330019156 - Womens Compression


The A400 Women’s Long Tights meet all the criteria expected from long sports tights. They are mainly plain-coloured with subtle reflective graphics allowing you to combine them with your existing wardrobe. Additionally, they feature compression from the calf to the upper thigh muscles. This means that you can carry out your workout more efficiently and your legs recover more quickly after your training. ADAPTIVE Technology assists in regulating your body temperature by cooling you down in warm conditions and keeping you warm in the cold. The major seams of the tights consist  A-Seams which provide comfort and durability. The ankle cuffs are not stitched but feature bonded seams which not only optimise compression but also offer supreme comfort.


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