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XBlades - Voltaic Pro 2020 (2E) - Black/Silver

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Product Description:

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Style Code: VPR-F20-M 2E BLS - Mens Shoe

Width: 2E (Wide)



Built to maximise kinetic return while running, this soleplate is all about efficiency and energy. The X-Surgent soleplate grips to the grass suited to quick-steps, quick escapes and your oppponents quickly giving up ever catching you. Made strong in all the right ares, the sole plate is able to retain its structure under extreme speed and force to ensure undisturbed traction and support all game day


A tight knitted construction that creates a locked in feeling as if the boot was magnetised to the foot. The knit is comfortable and keeps the foot secure in the boot without causing excess friction that could lead to blistering. The knitted material is lightweight, allowing additional comfort, great for reducing fatigue during exercise.


A cushioned innersole that helps take stress away from the bottom of your feet. The textured innersole allows for a stable fit and helps to reduce foot roll, ultimately increasing comfort and reducing instability underfoot. 


Protecting your most important running tools; your feet. By keeping the boots shape and strength under duress, innerboard gives you the protection and support you need to have confidence in your footwear.

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